Brooks Trip 2

A couple of caribou coming through, very close to our camp. But not close enough!

Last day of the hunt. We walked south down the pipeline road to an area we had been the evening before and saw a dozen or more caribou moving through. But, they weren't there this day.

A small lake nestled in the tundra hills. Caribou or not you can't beat this country. What a beautiful day!

The red bear berry was outstanding!

We settled into the rocks on the hillside and waited and watched but saw no caribou.

Headed south....back to home.

As we crested Atigun Pass there was a band of Dall sheep, 14 ewes and lambs, really low on the mountain.

Driving through the Brooks Range is spectacular country. And this is a great time of year to do it!

Sukakpak, a striking mountain in the Brooks Range, from the north side.

Close to Coldfoot, one of the two towns in the middle of the Brooks, we had a nice grizzly sighting.

Another very special trip to the far north!