Tek River

Once the park closes for the season and until the snow covers the road you are allowed to drive your vehicle an extra fifteen miles out the park road to the Teklanika River. Leslie and I drove out there one afternoon while the guys did some four-wheeler maintenance. We first saw this bear on the other side of the Tek River from us. Just minutes before it was on our side of the river. A guy from CA walked down to the river and was surprised to find a bear just feet away. They both took off in different directions, both a little startled.

We also had a really neat moose sighting. Saw a bull and cow moose having it out. The cow kept following the bull around and he made a couple of attempts to let her know he did not want her around, but yet he kept doing his normal male rutting things like thrashing antlers in the brush and sounding his call. We couldn't really figure it out.

Once, he actually charged her.