Andrew, Boss, and I are headed home! That sounds crazy! We are in Canada now and hope to be at our cabin in Healy, AK, by Monday!!! After leaving Death Valley we spent a few days on the beach at Morro Bay with friends, a few days hanging out and playing in the 120 inches of snow at Crater Lake, then visited friends in Oregon and Washington before crossing the Canadian border last Wednesday. Pictures will come whenever we get settled and get internet.

Lake Sabrina

Our last weekend was spent beating Death Valley's heat in the Sierra's. Nestled at the bast of the Sierra's just outside of Bishop, CA, is Lake Sabrina. It's a popular fishing spot year round. There were quite a few people out ice fishing while we were there.

All dogs do go to heaven! Unfortunately these two had to leave too soon.

Gold Valley Squeeze

Andrew took the truck our for a drive one afternoon to the Gold Valley mining area that we have never explored. He said this was the tightest spot the truck has ever squeezed through.


He made it though!

Hunter Mountain

View looking northwest to the Sierra's.

Mountain bluebird

We drove over to Hunter Mountain to camp for the night and noticed these petroglyphs along the way.

We found this beautiful little log cabin in the thick of the pinyon pine forest. It's maintained by the park service and according to the log book inside it gets regular visitors.

Crazy huge thorns!

Taking a walk around the area we found a marshy area and a spring. The Hunter Mountain area has always been used for free range cattle.

We walked over to some nice rock formations behind the cabin.

Awesome views! Supposedly this is the only area in the DVNP that might have black bears (we found this out after our campout).

We continued driving the Hunter Mtn. road into some joshua trees. We turned onto a mining road that headed north toward the Racetrack. We could see it off in the distance and kept wondering if the road would take us all the way there. But it didn't.

Nice bunch of paintbrush.

Views looking east into Hidden Valley.

The Grandstand at the Racetrack Playa down below.

The road came to a dead end shortly after this abandoned truck.