Grotto Canyon

Grotto Canyon is a cool little slot canyon with many great rock obstacles to play around on. We've been in this canyon several times and get a little further up it each time. It's located near Stovepipe Wells at the north end of the Panamint Mountains.

This is the one we always hike around. There is no going up this dry waterfall.

Sierra Snowshoeing

This is some new territory we decided to check out one weekend while looking for some snowshoeing. It is a beautiful area in the eastern Sierras just outside of Bishop, CA, on hwy. 395. It would be nice to go up there now after they received about 15 feet of snow last week.

Boss was happy as could be in this powdery snow.

Dark was on its way so we decided to end the walk with a short climb up a little knoll to get a higher view.

By the time we made it to the top it was beginning to flurry. Great ending!

Merry Christmas from Death Valley

The North Pole comes to Death Valley!
Every Christmas Eve we have a parade at Furnace Creek. Each department decorates a golf cart (or their dog) and parades around the Ranch. This year the Inn Food and Beverage made an igloo out of our golf cart. Hours before the parade Andrew and I drove up to the mountains and filled the back of our truck with snow. We brought it back down and made a snow man that we towed behind the igloo. We also made a bunch of snowballs to throw at the crowd, and I had a small tray with snowballs that I was handing out to people for them to throw. We had a blast and won Best of Show!

Fall Canyon

After Mt. Whitney Arnaud spent a couple of days in Death Valley with us. We took him on a hike up Fall Canyon.

Playing around on the rocks...

Lunch time

We saw three tarantulas in the canyon. Two alive and one dead.

Funky water

Goofy boys!

We are all three scared of spiders but we all conquered some fears this day. Andrew told us if we touched the spider he would hold it. This is as close as he got...he let it walk over his hand.

We got a little more comfortable with the dead tarantula.