First Park Superintendents Residence

Near the Charcoal Kilns in DV lies the old homesite of the park's first superintendent. It's the most perfect location combining incredible views, great weather year round, and off the main roads. Andrew and I like to sit on the front porch every now and then and imagine what it was like to live here.

Lizards are perched on every rock almost. Little and big, dark and light, smooth and spiny. The one above is a baby (or young) chuckwalla.

A stone stairway, chimney, walls, and a porch make up the existing foundation.

The front porch faces northwest with views stretching to the Eastern Sierra's.

This concrete foundation is above the homesite. We figured it was probably a carport or shed.

We just hung out soaking up the peaceful views and cooler weather, playing lots of frisbee all the while.

This is the first horned lizard we have ever gotten to check out for more than a second and actually inspect...closely!

On our way back to the Ranch we drove out a dirt road we had never traveled down and explored an old mining area.

There were many old cars left behind to rust.

Boss almost sat on a horned lizard!

Sierra Chill Time

After some long work days and very hot valley temperatures, Andrew and I decided to go hang out with the Boss dog in the Eastern Sierra's for the weekend. It was so rejuvenating to be in the mountains, breathing cool, fresh air, soaking up the sun, and just hanging out together. A much needed weekend for all three of us!

First light on beautiful Mt. Whitney.

We spent a lot of time just hanging out in the snow playing with Boss.

On the second day we met up with David, Gayle, and Ebbetts for a while to play in the snow. The dogs did not want to leave.

Furry Friends

Ebbetts, the Great Pyrenees, and Sasha, the Pit Bull, are Boss' two friends here in Death Valley.

We spend most playtime either in the desert or at the Date Grove.

They probably prefer the Date Grove because with the grass it's much easier of their feet.

Meet their new friend, Dia. She is a seven week old Cane Corso.

She is just a little taller than my nalgene bottle.

Happy Dogs! :)

Family Visit

The first weekend in April was greatly welcomed with a visit from my brother and his family from Yuma, AZ. It was their second visit to Death Valley so we did some new things.

We did a little hiking up Mosaic Canyon. It's a beautiful canyon in the Panamint Mtns. just past Stovepipe Wells. It's known for the finely polished narrows and beautiful mosaic rock patterns.

Rock mosaics

The start of the narrows. Madison and Luke have quite the dare-devil mentality and Alex benefited from a free ride.

It was a gorgeous weekend, also the first temps over 100 for the season.

Luke turned four the first week of April so we had a pizza/pool party for him while he was there.

Then, we visited Salt Creek to see the pupfish, an endangered fish species found in the park.

Alex found some.

The kids were amazed there really is water in the desert.

Alex really enjoyed all the cool rocks.

A picnic at the Date Grove with lots of old things to play on!

The next day we visited the Devil's Golf Course (got its name from the popping noise made by the hardened mud/salt when it gets hot enough to explode...sounds like a golfer teeing off). A friend had told me about a secret watering hole unofficially named Pluto's Hole. So, we ventured out over this unfriendly ground to find it.

Pluto's Hole You can see how it use to be bigger, but as the water evaporates salt and other minerals stick to the edges growing out which over time makes the hole smaller.

The water looks only about five feet deep, but who knows how far it stretches in every direction. You can also see beautiful salt formations under the water.

Luke wanted to have a taste!

This is the first thing Andrew has gotten out and done since his birthday.

The last stop was Badwater Basin. Originally marked on the map as bad water because the miner's mules would not drink it. Now it's the official name. We had a great visit with the family and wish them well on their move back to NC in a couple of months. Thanks for taking the time to come and visit!!!