Red Wall Canyon

Red Wall Canyon is just a few canyons north of Titus Canyon. It is known for its fine narrows that wind through beautiful red walls. You can hike more than ten miles up it while gaining over 7,000 ft., but we set off with a late start so we only hiked the first three miles. Just like all the other canyons in Death Valley, it was a beautiful hike with unique characteristics.

It is a forty-five minute walk up the alluvial fan to the mouth of the canyon.

We saw lots of small flowers on our way up the alluvial fan. We didn't take pictures of all of them because we have seen them in the past. We did get a couple of new toys for our cameras a few weeks ago---extension tubes---so we stopped and played with those on a few flowers.

Scented Forget-Me-Not

Lesser Mohavea

Nearing the mouth of the canyon.

Desert Tobacco

Beautiful red walls indeed!

This is the first of three falls that we were going to encounter in the first three miles. This one was by far the most challenging. It is a twenty-five foot fall that is climbed in three stages. Our hiking book says most people find it difficult, but it doesn't say it's impassable. It would have been impassable for us if someone had not left a rope there.

After Andrew climbed up, we hauled our backpacks up with the rope, then I followed next.

After that we decided we had earned some lunch. So we laid back, ate and rested.
And looked at the cool rocks. The layers are amazing.

Continuing on...

Nice narrows!

We found some very cool crystal pockets in the rock wall. This pocket was one of many that was the size of my fist.

Back to the narrows.

Another smaller crystal pocket (that we couldn't get a very good picture of).

The rock layering and bending in the walls was incredible here.

Then the canyon opened up.

Then narrowed down again.

This was the third fall. I didn't take pictures of the second one. We didn't go much further past this one.

Wildrose Morning

Britt and I tagged along on one of Andrew's wild and crazy adventures recently. A midnight hike up Wildrose Peak. There was a ton of snow up there, much more than when Andrew and I were there in January. There was so much snow that we lost the trail about a mile past the trailhead. We knew where we were supposed to be so we made our way, post-holing, up the mountain. It was so time consuming though that we only made it up to 8,500 ft. We watched the sunrise from there, then made our way back down and back to work later that afternoon. The coolest thing about losing the trail was walking the ridgeline and finding mountain lion tracks in the snow! An awesome night all in all! Thanks Andrew!

Lake Manly down below at Badwater Basin.

Darwin Falls

My friend, Sarah, and I hiked out to Darwin Falls one day a couple of weeks ago. It's about an hour and a half drive from Furnace Creek and then a good twenty minute hike, but well worth it. Andrew and I have not been here since our first season in 2007. It's amazing a lush place like this exists in Death Valley.
The trail leading to the falls.

Beautiful Darwin Falls

I've been told that if you climb up the rock walls behind the falls there are several more cascading falls. Hopefully, we'll get to those one of these days. I want to go back and check the area out more in a couple of more weeks because there is supposed to be a Stream Orchid that blooms here.

Sidewinder Canyon

Sidewinder Canyon is south of Badwater about fifteen miles. It is well known for its slot canyons. We were only able to explore one slot canyon this day because we had to work that evening, but it is definitely somewhere we want to go back and explore more. It's hard to tell in the pictures but the canyon is so narrow in many places it appears like it's about to end abruptly, but it continues further.

A group shot. There are four of us in the picture.

Amargosa Horses

We got these photos a while back, I just forgot to post them. These are just two of the five wild mustangs that live in the Amargosa area between Death Valley and Pahrump, NV. When we see them they are normally hanging out behind the Opera House at Death Valley Junction. Beautiful Mt. Charleston, the 12,000 ft. mountain dividing Pahrump and Las Vegas, is in the background.

Badwater Sunrise

Our latest and maybe greatest pictures from a Badwater sunrise we caught a week ago. We have driven down there for sunrise several times in the last few weeks trying to get a nice reflection of "Lake Manly" that now exists again from the three inches of rain we've gotten this year.

There really is an amazing amount of water down there right now. What a beautiful morning it was!