Rain Update

We are up to 3.09 inches of rain since January!!!
NPS Update
March 2, 2010
The rainstorms keep coming to Death Valley with perfect gentleness and frequency. A storm at the end of February brought 0.44 inches of rain to Furnace Creek and 0.29 inches to Scotty’s Castle. The “tiny specks of green” are now proper little plants in many locations, and are growing quickly with the warming air and soil temperatures. Additional seeds have sprouted between the original ones, which promises not only more flowers but also staggers the blooming time. At the current rate, the number of sprouts suggests the bloom may be thicker and more spectacular than anticipated earlier. The peak bloom should be at the end of this month into mid April.In canyon mouths and washes where extra water has flowed, shrubs and perennials are showing early growth and flower buds. On alluvial fans, the creosote bush have lush foliage and their yellow flowers add a subtle touch of color.Lake Manly may still be shallow, but the first kayakers have managed to ply its saline waters. A boat with a shallow draft and a willingness to wade out to launch are necessary for a successful below-sea-level voyage.
Rainfall Totals 2010
Furnace Creek: 3.09 inches
Scotty’s Castle: 4.22 inches
Rainfall Totals 7/1/2009 to Present
Furnace Creek: 3.18 inches
Scotty’s Castle: 5.38 inches