March Madness

Well, for the last eight years April has not been a month I look forward to, but this week I have found myself letting out a sigh of relief that April is here or actually that March is over. I am sorry that it has been a month since my last post, but there hasn't been really anything to blog about. It was a crazy, hectic month starting with a trip to Tennessee for a good friend's wedding the first weekend, that was immediately followed by Andrew's birthday marathon blowout (literally), the second weekend we had a booth selling photos in the local art show, plus it's the busiest month in Death Valley. We had a wedding every weekend in March and tons of other banquets that Andrew and I take care of on top of the regular Spring business. The big thing as some of you know already is that Andrew has been out of work since his birthday marathon. Back aches that began back in January got much, much worse after the marathon and he has now found out that he has herniated a disc. A "massive" herniated disc as the doctor in Vegas put it. So, since the second week of March the few days off that I have had (I worked 13 days straight after his injury) have been spent in town or at the pool trying to recooperate (Andrew and me). Overall, we are finally starting to see improvement both physically and mentally. The anti-inflammatory and steroids are reducing the swelling some and easing the pain/numbing/muscle spasms in his leg. He will also be starting some physical therapy soon. It seems it will still take several months for him to be back to his old self again. So all that means that we will not be attempting the Denali climb that we hoped we would do this May. But, that's ok, the mountain is not going anywhere, so we'll shoot for next year instead.

Welcome April!