Happy 30th Andrew!

Well, his birthday was actually a few days ago but as always he has kept me very busy so I'm just now posting pics from his BIG day. Just as Andrew would have it he went all out for his birthday. What did he want to do (besides climb the highest mountain in North America)....run his own marathon! A group comes every season to DV to run the Titus Canyon marathon, but Andrew wasn't interested in competing. He just wanted to know he could do it. And he did it! I was (still am) so proud of him!

It was an awesome day to run too. A little breezy, but sunny with a few clouds and temps in the 60s to start the day.

Pavement to pavement, that's the deal, 26.2 miles (although our truck odometer read 26.8 at the end).

He's off...

I was honored to play support for the day with our good friend Sheri (whom we've known since we worked at Crater Lake). We stopped every two miles to get a thumbs up from him and pass off water and energy gels when needed.

It was a long, dusty road.

With great scenery all day.

You can barely see the road in the picture above climbing up the mountain. The first twelve miles included up and downs starting around 3300 ft. and topping out around 5300 ft.

Looking back at that huge uphill section.

Coming up on Red Rock Pass

Up and over

Now it's down to sea level or below. It seems the descent it much harder on the body then the ascent. It's a constant pounding on your body into the earth.

That's Sheri

Now, he's getting into the canyon.

Out of the canyon and into the valley, almost to the pavement!

He did incredible! What an awesome thing to do on your birthday.

He said he felt good, mellow, at the end of the run, but he didn't want to run anymore. We had a great steak dinner to celebrate and then he was ready for bed. The last couple of days have been pretty painful for him, but he'll recover eventually (I hope).