First Park Superintendents Residence

Near the Charcoal Kilns in DV lies the old homesite of the park's first superintendent. It's the most perfect location combining incredible views, great weather year round, and off the main roads. Andrew and I like to sit on the front porch every now and then and imagine what it was like to live here.

Lizards are perched on every rock almost. Little and big, dark and light, smooth and spiny. The one above is a baby (or young) chuckwalla.

A stone stairway, chimney, walls, and a porch make up the existing foundation.

The front porch faces northwest with views stretching to the Eastern Sierra's.

This concrete foundation is above the homesite. We figured it was probably a carport or shed.

We just hung out soaking up the peaceful views and cooler weather, playing lots of frisbee all the while.

This is the first horned lizard we have ever gotten to check out for more than a second and actually inspect...closely!

On our way back to the Ranch we drove out a dirt road we had never traveled down and explored an old mining area.

There were many old cars left behind to rust.

Boss almost sat on a horned lizard!