Fishing Valdez

We spent the last couple of days around Valdez. Silver salmon were starting to come in so we went down to do a little fishing! We were not the only ones to know this fact though.

Our first evening there we went over to the hatchery to see the salmon coming in. At this point the silvers are not at the hathcery and the pinks have been there doing there thing. Once the enough fish have entered the hatchery the gates are closed and no more fish are allowed in. But since salmon live to spawn and die, they have come to get back to where they originated and will die trying if that is not allowed.

Black bears know where and when to get an easy meal!

So do the seagulls, and they don't seemed to feel threatened by the bear's presence.

This bear likes fine food apparently. Caviar, that is. It seemed to know exactly which fish were females. It would make one simple slice with its claw to let those eggs flow and just suck them right up.

This was fun! Not many people get to do this.

These are the pinks, dead and dying.

Thousands of fish in the water and on the beach. Some might think it seems wasteful, but none of it goes to waste. All the critters get there share then the leftovers end up feeding the millions of fishes in the sea.

Definitely not a shortage of seagulls.

Happy bear! That was so much fun to watch!

Since the silvers weren't close enough to shore yet, we rented a boat and fished in the bay.

It was a foggy morning but turned out to be another gorgeous day! Then it rained again the next day when we left Valdez!
The first fish of the day was caught by Allen!

Little blood on the throttle.

Coming back into the harbor.

We saw some fun sea critters throughout the day. The only pictures we got are of this otter, but we also saw sea lions and seals!

The catch of the day! Nine beautiful silver salmon! Totaled up to just under 40 lbs. of filleted and packaged meat.

We will enjoy these fish for quite a while! Thanks Allen and Lisa for the donation! The whole trip was a blast and we look forward to the next time! We know there will be a next time because we can tell your hooked!