To Kennecott

After a few days around our area, we decided to take Allen and Lisa to see McCarthy and Kennecott and Wrangell/St. Elias National Park (largest national park in the States with over 13 million acres). To get there we drove across the Denali Highway and it was another beautiful day with gorgeous fall color all around!

Stopped for a view of the merging rivers.
Awesome views of the Alaska Range the entire way!

First views for the Wrangell Mountains.

Wrangell Mountain, the only active volcano in this range.

The road into McCarthy and Kennecott is 60 miles of gravel.

For guests the town is only accessible by foot. It's only about a half mile walk from the parking area.

Once in McCarthy, you can either take a shuttle or walk the five miles to the historic copper mine, Kennecott.We basically just cruised right through because we were on a the glacier!

We were headed to the Root Glacier. Andrew and I did a hike out this glacier last summer and camped by the drained lake with beached icebergs.

Made it up the toe of the glacier. It had decent traction due to the crushed rock covering the lower part.

Hiking on the glacier!

Some things you just can't see in TN.

On ice in short sleeves! :)

Part of the old railroad trestle connecting Kennecott with the outside towns. We had the best luck with weather. Every day so far has been beautiful then the day we left Wrangell it started raining a little. But, no big deal, it was basically a travel day.