Mount Margaret

We had our first friends from Tennessee come visit us in Alaska! Andrew's good friend from college, Allen, and his girlfriend, Lisa, spent nine days with us! Well, we spent just a few days around our place in Healy, then we drug them all over the state. Typical vacation with Andrew and Jen!

On their first full day in Alaska we took them up Mount Margaret. It has been something we have wanted to do all summer just hadn't gotten around to it. It was a beautiful day to do it. The Mountain was BOOMING when we first entered the park but began to cloud up as we went up Margaret. Eye candy was all around us though with full fall fashion.
Soaking up the views!

We had the most incredible Dall sheep experience ever near the top of Margaret. It was hidden from the bottom of the mountain but near the ridge there was a meadow the size of a football field. Perfect spot for sheep grazing! About halfway across it sheep started pouring over the ridge. A few moved down close to us at a pretty good pace. We got a cool show of two sheep butting heads and showing off.

Allen eased closer to get a good picture.

This sheep stayed high up on the rocky outcrops on the ridge the entire time.

Meanwhile, we decided to sit down and hang out for a while. The rest of the herd came almost bolting right towards us. One came so close I had to stop taking pictures. We weren't sure what was about to happen. When she got close enough (within 5 or 6 feet), all the while staring very intently, she veered past us and stopped to graze. Not intimidated needless to say. We were blown away and all day kept saying, "Did that really happen?"

Here is most of the group that had moved down below us.

Curious creatures

What a cool experience! We hung out with them for close to an hour.

The sheep up top has a friend.

There were lots of rocky formations on top to play on.

Can you see Andrew in the picture above?

Always testing himself.

Moments to last a lifetime.

This was a neat rocky ridge.

That we all must walk on.

Weather is building in the distance.

Time to go down...

...while breaking to enjoy the views!

You can't beat that for a first day in Alaska! What an awesome day! We felt a few sprinkles near the end of the hike but never got poured on. That is not the first time we have been out hiking and it seems to be raining all around us but sunny and clear overhead.