Day 2 with Allen and Lisa...we rode the bus out into Denali Nat. Park. WOW! We saw 9 bears, a wolf, a bull moose in the distance, a cow with calf right by the road, a handful of caribou, and some amazing rams. And I forgot to mention, while driving out of the park the evening before after the hike we saw a lynx!

The first bear quite a ways away.

HUGE rams waiting roadside for us!

These guys were hanging out on the edge of Polychrome Pass.

The second bear.

The Mountain gave us quite the show! In the early morning hours it was fairly hazy around The Mountain, but as the day went on it got clearer and clearer!

It is SO HUGE! I love the perspective here with the road.

The third bear!

Bears 4, 5, and 6 were hanging out around a creek digging and munching. We didn't take pictures of the last three that were out in the distance.

The view from Stoney Hill

Group photo from Eilson

Andrew and Allen battling it out.

A great wolf sighting! It trotted all around the bus, out beside us for a while, and down the road.

More sheep around Polychrome Pass.

Three bull caribou taking it easy.

Rubbing the velvet off.

Can it get any better after that kind of day in the park?

YES! A beautiful night for a campfire and some northern lights!

A terrific ending to an incredible day!