Visits to the Park

Since we've been in Healy we have ridden out to the Savage River (the first 15 miles of DNP) four or five times. We've seen caribou and moose, but no bears, wolves, or lynx yet. These are a few photos we've taken on the drives.

Part of the Savage River

With a couple of caribou along the edge of the river (one of them you can't see in the pictures).

The instigating ptarmigan...

We saw this ptarmigan while taking pictures of the caribou, so Andrew moved a little closer to take a picture. It did not approve of his closer location so it comes right over to him talking up a storm.

Andrew was being bullied by a ptarmigan!

What a feisty bird!

Then it flies up near me and starts charging me making all kinds of racket.

We also saw a porcupine in a spruce tree!!! I have wanted to see this for a very long time! They are so cute, but not cuddly.

What a great backyard!