Home Improvements

With the experience Andrew gained from helping build George and Leslie's house last summer, he felt pretty comfortable putting a window in our loft. Before the window, the loft was stuffy and dark, now we have light (24 hr. daylight) and ventilation up there.

He had to take all the siding off the gable and replace it with plywood for now. When we first arrived a month ago we noticed very quickly we had a pesty spuirrel problem. They have had the run over this place for a long time we think. Although Andrew has never been a squirrel hunter like my brothers were growing up, he became pretty good at it pretty fast (the other difference between now and then is I'm not making squirrel gravy with them like my grandmother did). Even though we are animal lovers, we have to defend our territory. The squirrels had made a mess of the insulation and chewed up a lot of wood in the area he was taking apart.

The window that came with the cabin. It was actually sitting in the other cabin and had a spot in the loft already framed for it, but we thought we could use it this summer and replace it in the other cabin when we're ready for it.

A day's project all done! It is much appreciated already and the best view in the cabin!