Right at Home

Well, we finally made it to Healy...by the seat of our pants. What an eventful trip to AK. First break-down after six trips (one-way) so no complaints here, because it could have been much worse. The alternator died about 100 miles north of Ft. Nelson, BC, (known as Ft. Nowhere to the locals) and a Canadian mountie was so kind and gave us a ride while pulling people over (twice) along the way. In town, strangers were so incredibly helpful...without asking they saw we needed a ride and began calling friends and family to see who was headed north. The rental car place that wasn't open had someone come in just to rent us a car...WOW!!!! Love Canada!!! Then, when we got to Fairbanks, we noticed a bearing had gone out on one of the trailer wheels. It was so gone that it ruined the axle, so we bought parts from the local store and since they didn't do repairs, an employee talked Andrew through the procedure and he replaced the axle and two bearings. I have such an awesome husband who is so mechanically capable and gifted all around.

Things are going great in Healy so far! We spent the weekend at the cousins and took advantage of Memorial Day sales, buying tools and appliances! And, yesterday, we welcomed a new addition to the family...a Polaris 500 four-wheeler! We wanted a winch on it (a must in this neck of the woods), but unfortunately they weren't able to put it on until today, so we said we would take it home and bring it back in the morning. Within two miles of the dealership Andrew got it stuck in the biggest mudhole ever! After walking most of the way home, then bumming a phone off someone to call me and come and get him, we loaded up backpacks full of chains, a tow strap, and a com-a-long, and bicycles, because it was a ways off the road. With not too much trouble we managed to pull it out of the hole. It is back at the dealer right now getting a winch put on it! Fun, fun, fun. :)

We don't have internet right now at the cabin, so it will still be a while for pictures.