Cabin Sweet Cabin


These are some pictures that we took last September. Side note: the rainbow picture at the top was taken the moment after we decided that this was the place we had wanted for so long and we were going to purchase it. We made that decision on a drive out to into DNP and then turned around saw that glorious double rainbow.

After we moved in...

Cute little 11x18 log cabin...our log cabin!

One of the first projects was widening and leveling the walkway.

The path to the right leads to the other cabin.

A couple of things Andrew has made: the log planter and two stools.

Irises about to bloom (hopefully)

Lupine and labrador tea blooming in the front yard

Wild rose also

The inside...we are proud to finally be able to use/enjoy our braided rugs made by Grandma LaBar.

A full size fridge and oven!!! It's been a long time since we've had those...much appreciated!

We made this spice rack and put a board above the stove to hang pots and pans.

Counter and sink...we do have running water now (gravity fed with decent pressure) and no more five gallon bucket under the sink. We hooked a hose to the sink which runs gray water to a dry well past the cabin.

Life is Good

We actually had to take the counter and homemade shelves apart and move them down to make room for the stove and fridge. We decided not to get or build cabinets this summer, so I put up some fabric to keep the dust out.

We did put in sliding drawers.

Wall by the door with shelf storage space and hooks for hanging jackets.

Back half of the cabin and ladder to the loft where we sleep.

Andrew put in a ceiling fan for us.

He also just put in this window in our loft yesterday! Fresh air and light!

View from the loft

We normally keep the ladder over to the side during the day.

Recliner that came with the cabin.

This couch was given to us by a good friend in Fairbanks. It's a sofa bed, so we have guest accommodations now! Thanks so much Jim!!! We enjoy it as much as the fridge and stove. It's been a long time since we've had a real couch.

We made these bookshelves with a couple of the slivers of Oregon pine we brought up.

I made curtains using a little fabric glue. Curtain rods are made with a couple small spruce trees trimmed from the side of the second cabin.

Walking in the backyard.

This is the middle of our property...blueberry central. You can see that there is a definite drainage ditch in the middle.

Looking back at the cabins. You can just barely make out the roofs to both cabins. The "second cabin" on the left has a red roof and the main cabin on the right has a brownish roof.

Walking in the trees at the back edge of our property.

Lots of labrador tea

There's the drainage again and the only pool of water.

Our water tanks. We have two tanks, a stationary 500 gallon tank, and the portable filler 200 gallon tank.

We get our water from the community well at the beginning of the street which is about two miles from our cabin. We have yet to completely fill up the 500 gal. tank because we are still experimenting with all the attachments. We have been using the first two hundred gallons of water for almost a week and a half and still haven't run out yet. Five hundred gallons is going to last a long time.

Well, that's the cabin we have turned into our home so far and we have many more projects in store.