Sugarloaf Peak

We bagged our first peak for the summer! It's been months since either one of us has done anything physically due to Andrew's back injury and it felt GREAT! We started the day out by playing things by ear because this a serious, butt-kicking hike. Sugarloaf Peak is just outside DNP across the river from Mt. Healy. It was the first peak in Alaska we conquered while working here in 2007. The straight up trail climbs almost 3,000 feet in about 3.5 miles.

The peak is just to the left of Andrew's shoulder.

View looking south towards Anchorage.

View looking north towards Healy and Fairbanks.

Across the Nenana River is Mt. Healy and down below is the tourist area known as Glitter Gulch. By the time we got above treeline we knew we were going all the way.

Going up via the ridgeline.

The wildflowers were beautiful. We must have seen at least 20 different kinds.

I love the funky rock formations.
The state flower and my favorite, the forget-me-not.

These arctic poppies were incredible. I don't recall seeing these in the past.

Almost there...just a little more calf burning.

We did it! And it is SO worth it! Talk about feeling good! I wish everyone could see this view firsthand.

The first time we did this hike, it was early May and all the peaks, including Sugarloaf, were covered in snow.

Another awesome day! I feel like I say that a lot, but actually, I think it even more than I say it.