Morro Bay, CA

Wow, so much has happened in the last month. It might take a while to catch up.

After we left Death Valley, we spent a few days at Morro Bay with part of the Death Valley family, two-leggers and four-leggers.

This is just a piece of the huge Morro rock at Morro Bay.

The dogs enjoyed playing in the freshwater creek that comes out of the coastal mountains and runs into the ocean. There is a ton of great driftwood on the beach for Boss to enjoy.
Dia stepped into the creek very cautiously.

Sasha is showing her how it's done. She is such a princess dog, prancing away!

Happy girl off her leash.

Look at her go!

Dancing with dad.

Now, she is being scolded for running to far.

All she wants to do is eat these birds. That's all.

Dia's first introduction to the ocean. Still undecided.

Everybody wants a stick.

Sasha is forever trying to get whatever Boss has. He is pretty good at using the spin move on her.

Dia and Maggie stuck on a rock.

Lovely sea anemones.

And a starfish too!

Lots of smells around here.

It's hard being such a sexy dog. Dia wants to give kisses to Boss constantly.

Andrew ("the man of many bulges") could not walk as far as the rest of the crew because he had a new bulge when we arrived at the beach. While loading the trailer before leaving Death Valley he stepped off the trailer and landed on a sharp rock rolling his foot pretty bad. It turned black and blue and swelled up to the size of a grapefruit on one side. He could still put some pressure on it so we figured it wasn't broken.

Mother Sasha came to check on him.

Now she is showing off by walking herself.

Group shot, minus me.

I think we wore the dogs out (for a few minutes anyways).

I love the rocky California coast.

There they go again.

Wonder what they are thinking?

Good dogs!

Boss thinks this is the life.

Back at the state park campground we had all kinds of visitors around camp including these quail, turkeys, deer, hummingbirds, great blue herons, egrets, rabbits, raccoons, and little voles.

Pretty cool shots of this hummingbird we thought.

After playing all day, it's time to rest.

Sasha all rolled up in the blanket taking a nap. It's hilarious how loud she snores and how quickly she does once she lays down.

Every great camping trip involves great food!

Potatoes on the fire.

Nice kabobs!

And plenty of relaxing! Good times and great friends!