Haulin' Water

Well, I guess this a chore most of you don't ever have to do. We have actually been looking forward to hauling our own water. The community well is about a mile and half down the road from us and has pretty good water. The first couple of weeks we were here, before we got the big tanks, we used three five gallon water jugs at the cabin. Now we have the 500 gal. stationary tank and the 200 gal. hauling tank to transfer water. It's been over two weeks since we put the first two hundred gallons in and we're still not out. I'm impressed!

So, here is how it's done.
We go to the little building built around the well, screw in our water hose, put the other end in the jug/tank, and flip the switch (a light switch) in the building, and the water comes shooting out.

How easy is that?!?! When we get home we connect the tanks with the hose and transfer the water. We have a 1/2 horse power pump that is supposed to pump 1400 gal. of water an hour. Then, the water is gravity fed to the sink in the cabin and another hose runs the gray water to a dry well below the cabin. We only use all natural products (dish soap, hand soap, toothpaste, etc.) so it's not bad for the environment. Pretty cool we think. It makes us appreciate the water much more and become aware of how much we're using.