Stampede Trail

A lot of people know the Stampede Trail from the book Into the Wild. The guy Chris McCandless went "into the wild" in Alaska via the Stampede Trail, found a bus, lived in it for a while, then passed away after eating a poisonous plant. So, our cabin is off of the Stampede Road, and a few miles up the road it turns into the trail. The Stampede Road/Trail is surrounded on three sides by Denali National Park. The bus McCandless lived in is right at the boundary of the park. To get to it you have to cross two rivers and 20+ miles of trail. Previously, by truck and by four-wheeler Andrew and I have gotten out to mile 14 on the Stampede Trail. The other day, we decided to take the time and try to get further. It worked out well, because we meet a cool couple from Fairbanks on the way out there that had never been further than that and were up for an adventure. We have known there was a good possibility in getting stuck, but with a second four-wheeler there to aid in getting unstuck the safety factor increased dramatically.

View looking west at mile 14. Most of the time up until this point the trail is in the trees with good ground, but the open tundra has some bottomless black holes between the tussocks to be weary of.

Cotton grass means wet, boggy area. Not to mention the "drunken" black spruce at the scene....definitely permafrost.

So, we got further...several miles further (I don't know the exact distances of where we got to or the bus itself). We drove through the Savage River (no pictures of that) and got stopped at the Teklanika River. Maybe one day we'll ride out to here and cross the river on foot and hike on out or find an area we can drive across. It was a blast getting here and seeing a new area. We have seen many bears on this river inside DNP. This day we only found wolf tracks on the river.