Denali Hwy---Day 4

The fourth and final day on the highway Andrew and I decided to do a quick exploration of a trail that we could see from our campsite on the other side of the river.

It leaves from an airstrip and quickly takes you up to the rolling tundra hills with great views of the Susitna River.

You can see the highway crossing the river in this photo.

And just below the mountain in the above photo is the campsite we spent a few nights at.

We spent some time watching these birds in action. A jaeger on the right and some kind of plover on the left. I guess the jaeger was looking for some lunch to steal from the plover.

Andrew hanging out while I was stalking the birds.

To the top we said!

Everytime we thought we were got to the top, there was another top, and another top.

This is where we decided we would turn around for the day. But as you can see the trail goes on. We decided we would save that for another trip.