Bear Jam

Andrew and I were out in the park the other day hanging out and walking in the creek bed, seeing whatever there was to see. We saw lots of moose while in the park, probably close to a dozen by the end of the day.

We ended up on top of this small tundra covered ridge which had an amphitheater view where we could see into all the nooks and crannies up to the mountain tops. At one point we looked back towards the road and where we parked our truck, and something was definitely going on. Buses and cars were stopped watching something in the creek bed for quite some time. After a while we spotted a grizzly in the creek bed. First bear sighting of the summer (or since Canada). It probably walked right passed our truck and seemed to be following the same path as ours down the creek bed (just coincidentally, not following our scent). If we had only stayed down there we could have some great pictures. But, the distant view was exciting and very nice as well. We watched it for over a half hour, munching its way down the creek bed on soapberries and roots.

We were very cautious when we headed back to the truck using the same path. Bear butt in the bushes is all we saw when we got to the creek bed.

About a half mile from our cabin we saw mama moose and calf. It is getting so big. It has been fun watching it grow over the past couple of months.