Denali Hwy---Day 1 and 2

We decided to spend a few days on the Denali Highway with George and Leslie and the four-wheelers. The Denali Highway is about 30 miles south of Healy and is basically a huge Alaskan playground. It's a 135 mile highway running east/west that connects the George Parks Hwy. and the Richardson Hwy.

Out to explore the Denali Highway by four-wheeler! Andrew built this three sided seat for Boss that is filled with cushions.
The beginning of the Denali Highway from the Cantwell side.

Not long after the start of the highway, G&L had this great idea to unload the four-wheelers so the guys could ride the road and explore all the side trails while Leslie and I drove the trucks.

Incredible views of the Alaska Range along the way.

It was raining all around us with lightning flashing nearby, but that didn't stop the guys. While enjoying one overlook we actually witnessed a small forest fire lite up and burn out. That was pretty incredible. Raw nature.

We set camp up that night overlooking the tundra flats giving way to the AK range. There were a couple trails nearby that we wanted to explore a little more in depth.

Fine evening colors.

The next day (still en route to our destination...Valdez Creek gold mining area) Leslie and I rode the road while the guys drove the trucks.

The best view from a side trail yet! The trail trail took us up to a little knoll overlooking the Susitna River and the across from that is the Valdez Creek area where we are headed.

Camp for a few days.

With outstanding views of the Susitna River and valley.

The road we're camped on (in the picture) takes us to the Valdez Creek area.