Mini Pole Barn

We decided to build a pole barn/shed to store our gear and extra stuff in so the other cabin can have more space for working on projects.

We used the five spruce poles we cut from our backyard plus the seven George and Leslie gave us. We used a draw knife to peel them. It was so easy and so much fun! Doing it while they're green is definitely the way to go. The only down side was the sap constantly splattered in our faces.

Andrew notched them all. He used the saw, chisel, and mallet for the first half. Then tested his abilities with the chainsaw which worked very well.

We got some local gravel to use for packing around the poles and the floor.

Concrete pads were put down below the poles.

The shed is between our cabin and the road, and between the cabin and the water tanks. You can see the cabin roof in the top of the picture above.

All six poles are up.

After standing them up, Andrew cut them to the correct height. It was all kind of tricky because we built it on sloped ground.

We used plywood for the siding and roof which we also tar papered. Sometime soon we'll paint the exterior walls.

The finished product! Not to shabby for our first time.