Granite Tors

Andrew got the itch again to go for a midnight hike. With the midnight sun or the dusky, twilight we have now, it's a great idea for someone so motivated. It's a fifteen mile round trip hike with a 2,700 ft. elevation gain and he finished it in about five and a half hours. He was moving! The granite tors are Alaska's natural Stonehenge. They are isolated rock outcroppings scattered around the ridge. He started the hike about 1 AM, so he was up on the ridge for the seemingly endless sunrise. What a night! And morning! Just to mention also, he did this between house building shifts. Crazy guy!

The trail meandering through the tundra.

A beautiful gleam of a rainbow appeared for a while in the early morning.

He also found some incredible patches of blueberries throughout the trail (this is not even a good one). We have gone back a few times in the last week to pick. We have gotten 7 gallons in three pickings (total of 5 and a half hours)!