Denali Visit

Leslie and I made a trip down to Denali a while back to deliver some jewelry. And, of course, we had to make a trip into the park while we were there.
To our delightful surprise we spied a beautiful, wet grizzly bear within the first few miles on the park road. This is the first time I've seen a grizzly in this area. It's more typical to see black bears in this forested area. Another amazing thing about it was that we got to watch him eat for several minutes before anyone else drove up and saw him.

I thought this was a neat spot of fireweed. It's so light in color it's almost albino looking.

Normal, healthy fireweed.
As we were headed back to the highway, we were quietly cruising through a thickly vegetated area and were both thinking that this would be a good place to see a wolf. Then, I looked ahead at the road and two wolves were trotting right towards us! They trotted a few hundred yards in our direction as they crossed the road but quickly disappeared into the trees just as quickly as they had orginally appeared. They must have been on a mission.

There was a steady drizzle the whole time we were there but that doesn't stop the animals. It was a magical time as always in Denali.