Talkeetna Flightseeing

To get a better look at Denali, the Alaska Range, and why we, like so many others, love this area, we took a flightseeing tour out of Talkeetna. It is one of the most jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring things you can do in Alaska. No words or pictures truly tell or show the magnificence of this gem in nature. It boggles your mind to see the numerous glaciers constantly carving and shaping this isolated world.
When in doubt on where to spend your money flightseeing, go where the flying moose are! K-2 Aviation

What a beautiful day to do it too! Just enough clouds to give you some contrast. Although it was a little windy up there. We had hoped to be able to fly around the entire mountain but there was too much turbulence on the north side.

How amazing is this?!?! We flew over a rainbow!

"The Mountain" straight ahead!

Merging glaciers. The dark lines, or medial moraines, form when two or more glaciers come together. They are made up of rock and debris that the glaciers have chewed up and picked up along the sides (the lateral moraine) where it meets the mountains.

The deep cervices in this picture indicate ice falls, a significant change in height within the ice flow. Same as a waterfall, but with ice.

In this picture about where the faint shadows in the middle are, is the base camp at 7,200 ft. for climbing Denali.

The grand one...Denali

That cloud cap on the summit means extreme wind speeds.

Gorgeous blue meltwater pools.

This gorge is known as 747 Pass because it's just wide enough for a 747 to pass through. If there was no ice in the gorge it would be deeper than the Grand Canyon.

The Ruth Glacier

The toe of the Ruth Glacier

We made it back to Talkeetna safely!
And a great time was had by all!