Matanuska Glacier

While exploring the Matanuska Valley we found a glacier that you could actually drive fairly close to and walk out on it. Most places will not let you walk up to the face of the glacier or even get close to it. Basically, you pay a fee, sign a waiver, and enter at your own risk. I could see this being shut down in the future.

We are already walking on ice here...dirt/rock covered ice.

Cool balanced rock!
Walking on ice was working for Boss better than any of us. He has four natural crampons to use!

Little flowing creeks were everywhere.

It was no surprise but Boss loved the ice! He gnawed on it so much his gums were bleeding!

Very nice ice!

Gorgeous meltwater pools

A great trek across the glacier! Hope it's available for other people for many years to come.

This concludes a wonderful ten day trip shared with Andrew's parents. Over all we had great weather and we got to see the majors things on their list---the mountain and puffins. We explored some new places and had great luck finding many new places to stay and eat. Thanks so much for taking the time to spend with us! We had a blast!!!