Fall Time in Denali

As the Alaskans say, "Alaska has four seasons---June, July, August, and Winter!" And winter is approaching soon. The fall colors are coming fast and furious. In fact, they might have peaked in Denali NP this past weekend. Andrew and I were down there last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and the colors seemed to be progressing by the hour.

We saw two magnificent rainbows!


Andrew tells me I'm the pot of gold! :)

Plus...it's rutting time again! The bulls are gathering in the front country.

This guy is losing his velvet.

Off in the distance was the biggest bull we saw. He has shed his velvet nicely and has very shiny antlers now.

Havin' a good time...

Just outside the park on our way back towards Healy, we saw the biggest rainbow ever. It wouldn't even fit in our wide angle lens. Great alpen glow on the mountain in the background.

Then, the the sunset began to flame in amazing colors. The low angle light in the fall and spring here is incredible. The most beautiful sunsets that last forever.