Bon Voyage

Good Luck Arnaud!
Arnaud (from Belgium) is a new friend we made during our mountaineering course. He is taking three years off from work, and with help from sponsors is going to try and climb the highest peaks in every American country (North and South). Plus, ride his bike to each of them. When we met him during the course he had just climbed Mt. Logan, Canada's highest peak, and was going to climb Denali a couple of weeks later. Unfortunately he did not make it to the summit of Denali due to weather. However, if all works out he plans on on being apart of our team next year! Now, he is on is way to Mexico. We met him in Denali one night before he began his trip south. You can check out his progress and some pictures on his website The Highest World. You have to click on the "translate" button at the top of the page for English. His pictures from his Denali climb are spectacular!