A Week with Didier

Andrew and I received an amazing offer from a good friend and professional wildlife photographer, Didier Lindsey, last summer. Basically, he said if we had time to spend with him this summer he would show us the ropes and help get us started in our photography business. Our second week in Alaska we drove down to Anchorage to get together with him and begin some schooling. What an amazing asset he has been already. So much knowledge it's almost overwhelming. He is an incredible photographer and teacher. It is such a pleasure getting to hang out with him in the field. And a huge bonus---his lovely wife cooked incredible meals for us all week!

We visited Potter's Marsh on the Turnagain Arm several times during the week. There is always something going on down there, and it's always a challenge.

Nice light on this Canada Goose.

Blue-billed Ducks

Arctic Terns were the most challenging to take pictures of. They are such graceful birds, full of life and speed.

They would hover over their nests before landing. I really wanted to get a nice, crisp picture of it but was not quite lucky enough.

A muskrat swimming by.

More terns with their reflections.

The first seen (by us) gosling of the year.

Mew Gull attack!
The geese are obviously swimming too close to its nest.

Mew Gull eggs and nest.

Didier said he would take us to shoot photos of a moose.

And he did! This man knows his areas.

He also took us to an eagles nest.

This was an unexpected surprise. On the way home we spotted a kite surfer on the Turnagain Arm. We stopped to get some action shots.

Didier and I...
havin' a good time!
Final shot...the beautiful Chugach Mountains across the Turnagain Arm.