Eklutna Lake

Our first night in the Anchorage vicinity was spent at Eklutna Lake, part of the Chugach State Park. We camped there one night and did some hiking the next day. All but one of the trails were closed due to a couple of small forest fires.

On the way down we saw a few caribou which quickly ran away when we pulled over to watch them.

The trail that was once an old road bed. We love the trails wide enough for of all three to walk together.

Some fine lupine along the trail.

Our first view of Eklutna Lake.

You can see the smokey haze at the back of the lake.

In this picture you can see the stream of smoke coming from one of the fires.

The destination viewpoint was Twin Peaks.
This is where the maintained trail ended and a couple of unmaintained trails branched off to go to the top of the peaks or a mountain pass. We stopped at this point and headed back down because we had a mission in town to attend.

We counted about thirty Dall sheep over on the rocky slopes of the Twin Peaks.

Headed back down for another look at the lake.

It sure was a beautiful trail and a gorgeous day! The weather is a little cooler down toward the coast. Temps were in the 70s as opposed to the upper 80s and lower 90s of the interior.