Cassiar Highway

The Cassiar Highway is a 450 mile north/south highway in British Columbia that connects the Yellowhead Hwy. and the Alaska Hwy. Unlike the Alaska Highway it stays on the west side of the Canadian Rockies. This was our third time driving it. We love the scenery and the remoteness of it. In the Milepost (the highway guide we use) there's about a twenty mile section that has a note about watching for bears at least every half mile or so. In this section we saw six bears (five blacks and one grizzly) in twenty minutes along or near the road sides.

This was the best black bear picture that we got. The grizzly cub below was extremely photogenic and close to the road. It was very nice of him/her to stand in the dandelion section for us also.

What a cute bear! We sat and watch him/her for about ten minutes.