Winter Fun

I mean winter work! Welcome to an inside look at my winter sled dogs! This is definitely one of those dream jobs that would normally stay a dream for many people but not for me! I lucked in to working for one of Alaska's finest dog mushers, Sonny Lindner. I will be helping run dog teams throughout the next few months until the racing season begins. One of the REALLY fun things we'll be doing is traveling to some amazingly beautiful parts of the state to train. Last week we went down to the Denali Highway and ran 22 miles out then 22 miles back with a break in the middle.

The weather was too perfect for a first trip. Sunny days with temps from a low of 0 to a high of 30 degrees. Right now there is not enough snow to use sleds (actually not enough snow for the sled brake to work), so we used one four-wheeler and one snowmobile.

The dogs are trained to take advantage of rest stops. We brought some hay out to the turn around spot and let them bed down for a bit after a snack and a drink.

Some know the gig better than others.

Such awesome scenery all around.

What an exciting winter I have in store. More fun awaits!