Stuck Again

I forgot I had these pictures so I wanted to share them because again I got the biggest laugh out of them when I saw them. This happened the day after we returned to Alaska from our Teton trip. The first lasting snow fell, it was in the mid-20s, so we went for a four-wheeler ride. We went to an area that is only winter accessible because it is so swampy in the summer. In a couple places we crashed through the ice but kept on going, then one time we broke through the ice and came to a dead stop. The more the tires spun the deeper we sank. We ended up winching out using the biggest spruce tree we could find (which is hard to do because none of them are very big).

It was a muddy mess. The ice was about three inches thick already and we still broke through.

I find it so funny that on the first day Andrew has this four-wheeler (in the summer) he got it stuck and then on the first winter ride he gets it stuck! LOL!