White Mountains

Still trying to beat the winter weather we spent a day up in the White Mountains in the Bristlecone pine forest. This is an area that we've wanted to visit for the past four years and have not been able to because the road is always snowed over. This particular day we were driving in and out of the clouds/snow and were able to drive up to 11,000 ft, but were socked in by clouds when we got as far as we could get and couldn't see anything. This road leads to a trail that takes you to the highest peak in Nevada, over 14,000 ft., and takes you through some of the oldest trees in the world.

On a clearer day the views looking west at the Eastern Sierras are spectacular (still pretty nice today).

WOW! The things people do in a rental vehicle!

This is the worst the road got.

After driving as far as we could and not seeing very much, we drove back down to 10,000 ft. to hike in the Methuselah Grove.

The Bristlecone pines are the most amazing trees, so gnarled and hardy. They are ancient organisms that have been through so much in their lifetime of 4,000+ years....if only trees could speak.

This is the Methuselah tree (below), the oldest known tree in the world at almost 4,800 years old. Core samples were taken back in 1957 (drill holes pictured above).

Such awesome trees!

The young pine cone.

Views looking east into Nevada.

Boss taking a snow break.

What a great day!