Climbing in the Hills

Remember our friend Arnaud from Belgium? He is riding his bike through the Americas and climbing all of the highest peaks. So far, he has ridden his bike from Alaska to about 50 miles north of the Mexican border. We met him a in Lone Pine when he was riding through and spent a day rock climbing along with our friend, Britt, in the Alabama Hills.

Happy to be off his bike for a day!

We camped out in the Alabama Hills and woke up to the rose colored Sierras.

Mt. Whitney, 14,497 ft.

In a week from this meeting Arnaud is going to hitch hike back to Lone Pine and climb Mt. Whitney with Andrew and I via the mountaineers route.

The Alabama Hills are made of great granite for climbing.

Britt belaying Andrew

Andrew belaying Britt

Andrew on rappel

So much fun! And with all the safety gear a huge peace of mind.