California Coast

The first thing on the list of summer fun was to enjoy a few days at the beach with our good friends from Death Valley, Ron and Peg. We went to Cayucos Beach, a favorite spot on the CA coast for people with dogs. There is a very nice hotel right on the beach with great rates that we always stay at. The weather was beautiful, always breezy with highs in the mid sixties. We mainly hung out on the beach and on our back patio, played with the dogs, and ate great...lots of fresh seafood! :) It was so relaxing...a great way to start the summer!

The dogs had too much fun together.

I love the rocky shoreline of the west coast.

And all the sea life! We found some beautiful sea anemones.

These two otters were always cruising the shoreline.

Morro Rock in the background.

Andrew got Sasha out on the rocks, then she was to afraid to run back to the sand when the waves came crashing around her.

Boss with his stick.

Soon to be Sasha's stick.

He won this time.

Thanks Ron and Peg for a great time at the beach!!!