Where The Wild Things Are

The Local Ring-tailed Cat
This cute, little critter has been living the good life at the Inn and has been outsmarting all the humans for a few weeks now! A cook took this picture during a mad chase through the kitchen one day. After several days of quick glimpses as it scurried through the kitchen, live traps were set out. However, those traps remained empty for a couple of weeks while card board boxes were being ripped into by the ring-tailed cat during the night. There have been no sightings in the last week, so it is thought that it has moved on to a quieter place.
These rarely seen animals are in the raccoon family, and are timid and nocturnal. They are solitary animals that live in rocky, desert regions. So, it's odd that it chose such a noisy place to take up residence for a few weeks, but it gave our staff some excitement and a good laugh. Andrew and I never got to see it though. To those of you that know that the bobcat story---I think it was scared of me!