Valley of Fire

Last week Andrew, Dannielle, and I drove over to Valley of Fire State Park, which is about forty-five minutes northeast of Las Vegas. Valley of Fire is Nevada's oldest and largest state park. The red sandstone formations, which it is so popular for, were sand dunes during the dinosaur ages. We had beautiful weather and a great time all around.

These first few pictures were taken around the campground that we stayed in for a night.

Great eroded holes.

The Rainbow Vista.

We drove over to the White Dome area and hiked a short loop through beautifully sculpted and colorful rocks and a narrow canyon.

Boss is so spoiled. He will only drink water from a camelbak. We have tried carrying those collapsible dog bowls because it helps conserve water, but he refuses to use them.
We thought this looked like an interesting place to take a walk. It was just a pull-over at a dip in the road with an intriguing wash to check out.

There were tons of these crazy fin-like rock formations everywhere.

Beautiful colorful sandstone.

Boss found a place to cool down and get wet. I don't think it was too stagnant since we have had rain recently.

We saw this canyon in the distance and decided to take a closer inside.

Fun, fun.

Boss dog waits patiently while we play.

We checked out the famous Elephant Rock on our way out of the park.