This is the road in front of the Inn that leads to Badwater. This is one of the first roads that gets closed when there is a decent amount of rain coming down. The road parallels the Black Mountains cutting across alluvial fans, so any water washing down the mountains covers the road with sediment.

Since the Inn sits on an alluvial fan, the lower parking lot sits in a wash. So, when the water runs down the wash, it goes through the parking lot (all cars are evacuated when it starts raining), across Hwy. 190 and the Badwater road, then into the valley.

After checking out the Inn parking lot, we decided to drive north on Hwy. 190 to see what was happening.

Water flowing everywhere! :)
This is a pretty rare and special site in this part of the world.

After driving north we decided to come back and check on the Inn parking lot one more time before it got real dark.