Back on Hwy. 190...
This is the first time we have ever seen snow on highway 190 entering the park from the west side. Also, the first time seeing snow on and around the park entrance sign. Very cool!

Before we got home we decided to take another detour to see the charcoal kilns in the snow.

This is the Emigrant Pass road that leads to the charcoal kilns. We dropped back below 3,000 ft. to turn onto this road. All this rubble is left over from Monday's rain.

By Emigrant Pass, we were back in the snow.

There were no other tracks on the road.

There must have been six to eight inches of snow on the road as we neared the charcoal kilns at the Wildrose Peak trailhead...and the Rav4 did excellent!

Charcoal kilns covered in fresh snow.

Andrew needed a closer look, taste, and smell---even after we wrestled and I rubbed it in his face (ha ha ha!), not that he was trying to do that to me first or anything.