Family Time in TN

Well, we finally did it!  My immediate side of the family all got together for a visit.  It's been too long....six years exactly.  We made a couple different trips to the playground, spent lots of time running down the hill behind my mom's house and climbing trees, and ate some good meals.

Lots of energy expended at the playground climbing on things and playing chase.

Andrew giving underdogs!
Boss giving kisses!
This is one happy dog!  I have never seen a dog that actually loved the playground.  You can see the excitement in him as we near the playground.  Without being prompted he will climb the stairs to the slides and different play areas.  He has actually gone down slides more than once, but thankfully he didn't this time.  I think he knows how age and bodies work and sometimes certain things aren't worth it anymore.  Smart dog!

Bouncing and jumping!

We all love this rope climbing tower.  Believe it or not we manage to play "chase" on this thing (closer to the bottom of course).
Superheros in the house!
Flash and Spiderman at once!  Oh no!
Spiderman has got moves!
But so does Uncle Andrew!  It was a good match.
The beautiful princess bride treated us with her presence as well. 

What a fun gang!

Knox finished up the bubbles for us.
Everybody enjoys walking the Boss dog (except Boss).  He is not fond of leashes.  He thinks he is too good for that.

A few practice throws turned into a family ball game at the park.

Everybody on the rope jungle gym!  Fun times!
Here, Alex had put his Flash cape on Boss so we got a group picture.  He was so happy.  It was precious because normally he is not happy about anyone else wearing his Flash cape, but it was ok for Boss to wear it.  I loved it!  And Boss was so cool with it when he doesn't normally tolerate such things very well.  It was a bonding moment for Alex and Boss! :)