More from the AT

Here are some more pictures from the first week we were on the trail.  Whether you walk a hundred miles or two thousand miles across the country you walk through so many different areas, but on this trail you are constantly following the white blazes. In many of the pictures I post you can see the white blazes.
This was from that first day in Shenandoah Nat. Park.  The only foggy we have had so far.
Coming across a cemetery.
Filtering water with our awesome water filter!  Notice how sunburned Andrew's arms and neck are!!!

Columbine blooming already
Entering private property...a cow pasture.
This picture is for our good friend and former boss from Death the wide open we find this bench under an apple tree...we didn't sit under that apple tree with anyone else! :)

We have walked through some very "viney" areas.  This very cool twisted tree is from a vine that has wrapped around this tree at a young age and has been grown over.

American history from not that long ago.  We have walked through several historical sites and staging areas for actual battlefields from the Civil War.  It's crazy walking through here thinking about what was happening  in this very spot not even 150 years ago.
If only these stone walls could talk. 
Crouching Andrew
Our turtle friend!