"The Psycho Machine"

Andrew was recently given a 1985 Tundra snow machine (almost as old as he is) that has been given the nickname "the psycho machine".  The nickname was given to it because the throttle button would occasionally get jammed causing the machine to accelerate when you tried to stop it, but before Andrew adopted it he replaced the old throttle cable with a new one solving the problem.  In order to retrieve the machine we had to make a trip to the very small, remote community of Goldking which was nothing but pure fun for us!  We flew out to Goldking which is on the northwestern edge of the Alaska Range, and rode the snow machine 50 miles out to the highway where our truck and trailer was parked. It is somewhere we have wanted to visit for some time now.  And actually, Andrew passed through there a few weeks ago on his bush trip, but it wasn't until recently that we both got to spend a couple of days in the area.  The good friend of ours that gave Andrew the "psycho machine" has a cabin out there and that's where we stayed for a couple of nights.  Amazingly we did not take any pictures while we were there, only a few videos which are too big for the blog.  But, here they are...Andrew and his "psycho machine!"