My Dogs

Ok, so everyone knows they are not actually my dogs. These are just some of the dogs I work with. I finally attempted to snap a few photos while out on a short run...35 miles. Definitely some blurriness in some of them but you get the gist.

After leaving the dog yard, we connect with the Yukon Quest trail, aka Baseline in the neighborhood, and follow that down to a logging road (above),

Then, we go up and over Jenny M Hill while dodging lots of low hanging alder branches in the trail.

Next we go out a trail towards North Pole.

This first stand of birch trees (one of my favorite parts) is right before one of our turn-arounds. On a longer run we go past this, the trail splits and we go both directions (to the dyke and to the ag fields). Once we connected with the Chena River and rode that for a bunch of miles and made a loop with our two turn-around spots.

This trail connects us back to the logging road.

And there's the hill that we rode up and over at the beginning of the day.

Now we've gone past the house and the dog yard and we are riding through "the field."

This is the other side of the field. We are headed back home now!


I love my job soooo much! It is just perfect for me! Being outside everyday and working with these amazing animals is almost too good to be true! The only scary thing is that it is making me want to get about a dozen sled dogs of my own! Not anytime soon though :(