Grand Teton National Park

Here are some of our pictures from the week we were in the Grand Teton National Park. I never imagined how much wildlife they have there. We had great bear, moose, eagle, elk, pronghorn antelope, and bison sightings. Enjoyed several smaller critters too, like a river otter and pikas. We had great weather almost the entire time even though there were a couple of wildfires burning nearby that dampered visibility occasionally and hurt our throats.

Our first morning we went out to catch the sunrise on Mormon Row, one of the first homesteaded areas in the region. This is one of the most photographed barns in the US.

The lone pronghorn buck with his rather large harem of 16.

We saw this huge bison herd on two separate occasions. The calves were too cute! They were in such a playful mood and spent a lot of time chasing each other, head bashing, and jumping really high up in the air clacking their hooves.

The next day we took a hike around Jenny and back into the canyon.

What an amazing reflection!

Log Jam!

Hidden Falls

Hiking back in the canyon.

There were lots of rocky areas which house these adorable little critters in the rabbit family called pikas.

We stopped to soak up the scenery at this gorgeous beaver dammed area.

The next morning we enjoyed the sunrise at Schwabacher Landing. The falls colors were brilliant all week!

Then, we did some driving, and stopped by another old homestead to poke around.

We thought the triangle notches were interesting. The cabin also had several wooden pegs used in it.

The grand view from the homestead.

Dramatic cloud build-up later on in the day.

Here's a couple of the moose we saw.

I just love how we get rainbows everywhere we go.

Here is some of the guys from the group we were with while at Phelps Lake.

Crystal clear water everywhere.

The other bison sighting we had. More action shots here. Both times we watched them for a long while. I guess it was the time of year that was making them so interactive.

Many funny faces!