Our Little Log Cabin

Andrew and I found our spot! We knew that eventually we would find just the right spot for us to make a home. It's exactly what we've pictured for several years now and at the right price. We found it just outside of small town Healy, Alaska. Even more perfect for us, it's only fifteen minutes from Denali National Park...what a backyard! It's about two hours from Fairbanks and a little more than four hours from Anchorage. The five acre lot is the next to last house at the end of a road off the Stampede Road (you might know from Krakauer's book Into the Wild).

This little log cabin is somewhere between 15 and 20 years old. It was hand built by the original land owner who lives just down the road. It's 11x18 on the inside and equipped with electricity, gas stove, and is set up for an oil burning heating stove which is what most Alaskans use nowadays (that's what the blue barrel is for on the outside in picture below). If you're wondering why I didn't mention water, it's because there isn't any. There is a community well at the beginning of the road, so we'll haul water for a while. No biggy though. Showers and a laundry mat are just a few miles down the road. We also love the grown up front yard with dwarf birch, wild rose, and other wildflowers.

A little loft for storage.

This is a second unfinished cabin (just a short walk from our cabin down a cute little trail) that will be our guest cabin for the hearty folks that are willing to come and visit.

And our beautiful backyard....abound with blueberries!

Boss loves the backyard! So do other critters! :)

These last two pictures are from the backyard looking at the two cabins tucked away in the trees.